09. marraskuu 2018 - 14:00 asti 16:00
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Light Entrepreneurship Training, PORI | City Library, Conference room on the basement floor | perjantai, 09. marraskuu 2018

Welcome to a free Light Entrepreneurship Training in Pori!
The event is open for anyone interested in Light Entrepreneurship, self-employment and freelancing in Finland. During the two hour long training we will cover at least the following topics: 

Who is UKKO.fi light entrepreneurship for?
Who can start working as a light entrepreneur?
Should light entrepreneur's focus on marketing?
How should you price your work as a light entrepreneur?

The training will be held by a light entrepreneurship expert, Teemu Utriainen who has been a part of customer service for over two years. The training will be held at The City Library on Friday 9 November. Address: Gallen-Kallelankatu 12, 28100 Pori. Conference Room is on the basement floor.
There are limited amount of seats available, so register now and make sure you have a seat! 
By registering you allow UKKO.fi to send you marketing materials of UKKO.fi.