03. toukokuu 2018 - 19:00
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SOULFUL DELIGHTS | Phoenix | torstai, 03. toukokuu 2018

SOULFUL  DELIGHTSTreat your self and loved ones to this Berricious Arrangement made  with love and care.  STRAWBERRIES DIPPED IN DARK CHOCOLATE WITH WHITE CHOCLATE DRIZZLE 6 counts  = $ 20.99
12 counts =$ 37.99
24 counts = $ 47.99  $5 off on any $ 30 orders and AboveSoulful Delights have varieties of  different arrangements that is less expensive and will also amaze and excite you and your loved ones. These arrangement includes:Strawberries dipped in dark chocolate Rose Strawberry ArrangementsHeart shaped strawberries dipped in dark chocolate and colored drizzlesCandy bouquetCaramel Apples covered in dark chocolate, nuts and butter scotchTropical fruit Arrangement with kiwi, cantaloupe, strawberries, honey dews. ACCESSORIES Classic Mother's Day flower vaseGlamorous Candle stands Rose key chainsMugs you can print your pictures on.JewelriesCardsWe cater to all year's  events  and have accessories that can go with those eventsPARTIESANNIVERSARIESMOTHER'S DAYFATHER'S DAYVALENTINE 'S DAYGRADUATIONS BABY SHOWERSHOLIDAYSOPEN 24/7
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