04. lokakuu 2018 - 10:00
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Dental and Oral Health with Natural Medicine | Clinic Naturae | torstai, 04. lokakuu 2018

Getting a dental diagnosis and coming away with a dental plan offering either tooth removal and/or prescription drugs is not everyone's joy of treating health in the mouth. With infections, amalgams, root canals, cavities, tooth removals, mercury, receding gums, decay, etc, there is much to be considered in how we treat our dental health. Are there any natural treatment options? Do we even have other choices?

Spend 3hrs working on your health with scientist and naturopath Rumana Zahn ND (25 years plus experience) who will take you through:
* The dos and donts of treating infections in the mouth* Amalgams are they safe and what to do with them* Root canals - should or shouldn't you have them and what are their adverse effects* Receding gums is there a natural way to heal* Natural dental protocols to keeping teeth and gums healthy* Facilitating your oral health over short, medium and long term
Whats included
Create your own personal protocolProgramme handouts and worksheets3hr health planning and focus on symptom eliminationGuidance and support with scientist and naturopathic practitioner Rumana Zahn ND A soothing herbal tea on arrival

Please note that places are limited and you are encouraged to book early to reserve your place. 
You can review our series of workshops at www.clinicnaturae.com