09. syyskuu 2021 - 9:00
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Mark Mehaffey-Color, Composition and Plein Air Fun | Franciscan Life Process Center | torstai, 09. syyskuu 2021

A combination of in studio discussions and Plein Air painting (weather permitting). Using a simplified palette, simplifying and composing your version of the landscape and making your visual statement personal will all be covered.  We will start each day with a studio tour of using a split primary palette to simplify Plein Air choices, visually simplifying the complex landscape and making your visual Plein Air painting personal.  There will be both a morning and afternoon on site demonstration followed by plenty of guided painting time.  If we get inclement weather, pouring rain, working from photographs will also be covered.  This will be a water media workshop (the emphasis will be on Acrylic but Watercolor and Gouache are also acceptable) with most demonstrations in acrylic. Appropriate for all levels as long as your are familiar with your materials.