10. kesäkuu 2021 - 9:00
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Gage Opdenbrouw-LANDSCAPE AND MEMORY WORKSHOP | Franciscan Life Process Center | torstai, 10. kesäkuu 2021

Painting outside is a somewhat overwhelming experience.  Constanly changing light, shifting clouds, weather, myriad possible distractions.  however, these challenges create an experience of chasing the moment that stays with me, and feeds my work in the studio.  Something about the intensity of looking that happens in that chase gets under my fingernails.In this workshop we will focus on painting quick studies outdoors on location in the morning, and then break for lunch and continue to digest our observations, and craft our responses in the studio.  We'll talk about pros and cons of using drawings and photos as references to further develop ideas first explored in the field.  And of course we'll look at the greats for inspiration and answers. (i'll be painting in oil but any media are ok).This class is open to all levels but is best for intermediate to advanced painters, ie:  those with at least a few years of experience and practice.