09. joulukuu 2017 - 19:00
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Christmas Party 70s / 80s Style with Glamstarr + Abba Rebooted | Club Valbon Hull | lauantai, 09. joulukuu 2017

Live music from GLAMSTARR..ON very special guest support from ABBA REBOOTED.
this event will be a party to dress is highly recommended .
Tinsel and confetti cannons,smoke machines and lazers plus 2 awesome tribute shows will help you sing and dance the night away at HULLS biggest and best christmas fun night.
Our fab,smashy,nicey DJ,Shaun Hudson will be playing your requests before,inbetween and after the live shows.
WHY NOT HAVE YOUR XMAS WORKS PARTY for 10 x tickets or more.
our cheap and cheerful £2 bar will be operating until the early hours.
Tickets are available from the following outlets..
paypal to JMARS@HOTMAIL.COM ( please add £1 postage )
Disc Discovery,53 Spring Bank, sales only.
ADVANCE TICKETS £5 each up until 1st October ...then £10 or On door £10 each
  • Warming everyone up will be the awesome ABBA RE-BOOTED....not to be missed for all you Dancing Queens....we THANK YOU FOR THE MUSIC.
  • 6 x tickets to Anita Jones..cheers for your support. these tickets are already flying out...gonna be a glammtastic night.
  • Which is the best way to pay? PayPal? Sounds great :)
  • Gonna be a christmas ******* of a gig..Abba Rebooted
  • early tickets available for only a fiver. xmas glam rock n abba tributes..fancy dress party
  • https://www.hullboxoffice.com/events/glamstarr-and-abba-re-booted?dm_i=416S,6PXJ,2YRFF7,NHL2,1
  • Abba ReBooted will blow you away.guaranteed to have you singing and dancing all night
  • PLEASE NOTE..advance £5 tickets are available up until the 1st October...then they will be £10....so get them sooner rather than later.cheers
  • 4 x tickets to Michelle...we shall let her remain secret...thanks for your support
  • Hulls very own..Abba Re-booted
  • bit o this
  • stuff like this.
  • plenty of this.
  • This nicks band Paula Cooper??
  • Glamstarr doing Sweet. https://www.facebook.com/pg/glamstarr/videos/?ref=page_internal
  • Glamstarr...doing a bit of T-Rex
  • Glamstarr
  • on sale now...only 9 months to go ;-)