28. kesäkuu 2018 - 9:30 asti 17:30
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Mushroom workshop | Särkijärventie 118 | torstai, 28. kesäkuu 2018

Join us for a day full of mushroom adventure!
This workshop will be split into two sections. In the morning we will discuss more intensive farming of mushrooms, like we do at our forest farm, and in the afternoon we will discuss more passive forest management techniques that involve using mushrooms to manage the forest. Both of these sections will include hands on demonstrations and full question and answer.
The workshop will be hosted by Eric Puro, co-founder of Gifts from Metsä () and a true enthusiast about this sustainable way of growing mushrooms.
The workshop is free of charge, lunch and coffee/tea are included in the workshop.
Each participant will receive:

1 x 30cm log inoculated with shiitake mushroom
2 bags of dowels (a 100 pcs) of their choice (between 6 different species)

The workshop is in two parts:

The creature that is a mushroom
choosing the right wood
choosing the right spot for your logs
maintenance and harvest
how to manage a forest with mushrooms

hands on:

using mushroom dowels – the beginners path
making of a mushroom totem – the big log solution
sawdust-spawn Japanese style – the professional way
how to inoculate live trees using pakuri/chaga

 We will inoculate and talk about many various species of mushrooms including shiitake, oysters, pakuri, and reishi. More info available upon request. Also please no video.
This workshop is part of a wider European project, AFINET (Agroforestry Innovation Networks), led in Finland by the European Forest Institute. The aim of AFINET is to improve practice in agroforestry by sharing existing knowledge.