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The questions you always wanted to ask about recruitment. | Microsoft Flux | perjantai, 23. marraskuu 2018

'Why don't I ever get feedback on my applications? I can never learn how I need to change my approach.' 'Why does the recruitment process take so long?' 'Why do applicants send 'spam job applications? I don't have time for them.' 'What can I offer a developer to make our startup stand out?'

These questions and many many more will occupy us in a heated interactive panel discussion where jobseekers and startups get to ask and reply to the sometimes tough questions they always wanted to ask each other but never got the chance to.

Got a question that you always wanted to ask? Drop us a message about it or tell us through the forms below:

If you are a job seeker:

If you are a startup:

After the panel we have casual networking, exploration of our platform through user testing, pre-arranged meetings 'mini-interviews' and our 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY PARTY.

Join us to learn with us and celebrate our efforts throughout this year! Many of you have been part of our activites and supported us in one way or another so you deserve a party!!!

WHEN? 23.11.2018 @17

WHERE? Our home, Microsoft Flux

Detailed program will follow.