05. joulukuu 2018 - 9:30 asti 11:30
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Slush Side Event: European Media Tech Ecosystem Networking Event | Wonderland Work | keskiviikko, 05. joulukuu 2018

The Sandbox Hub, as part of VRT Sandbox reaches out to European media organizations to create a network of media innovation accelerators through which groundbreaking ideas can be tested and scaled. These accelerators are hosted by established media organizations and welcome applications from entrepreneurs, startups and SMEs with media-related concepts involving technology, journalism, social media and content.  

VRT Sandbox and Flanders Investment and Trade bring to you as key note speaker of the event Omar Mohout who will speak about the European media tech ecosystem. You will also learn more about the Sandbox Hub concept which replicates (amongst others) the VRT Sandbox model for other European broadcasters. Its main goal is to create a network of Sandboxes, enable local startups to scale internationally, and exchange experiences and expertise. 

This is a great opportunity to network with the startup members of some of the Sandbox Hub members, media companies as well as experts of Flanders Investment and Trade on your business opportunities in Belgium.  

As it is Waffle Wednesday at Wonderland you will be served a delicious late breakfast and after the event you are welcome to have a tour in the newly established co-working space in Helsinki.  


Companies, entrepreneurs, investors, media and organizations interested in media startups, the Sandbox Hub concept and the European media tech landscape. 


Questions: helsinki@fitagency.com   M +358 40 656 26 23 

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Sandbox Hub is a MediaRoad initiative. This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 761412