28. syyskuu 2019 - 8:00 asti 17:30
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SharePoint Saturday HELsinki 2019 | Meeting Park FORUM | lauantai, 28. syyskuu 2019

SharePoint Saturday Helsinki 2019 - the fourth time this traditional event is held in Helsinki!

This is a must-be, must-see and must-live event for all SharePoint and Office 365 admins, end users, architects, developers and _vti_bin experts. Once again we'll meet world-class speakers in Helsinki, this time in late September (as we have very long summer holidays in Finland). If you had other plans, cancel them. If your partner insists on spending the Saturday at IKEA, cancel it. If you're planning for an early winter holiday - you know what, just cancel it. You want to be here.
(image by @maxvdo / Unsplash.com)