17. syyskuu 2018 - 19:00 asti 22:00
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Measuring For Success in Source-to-Pay (Helsinki) | Zycus | maanantai, 17. syyskuu 2018

Do a random Google search of the term procurement KPIs, and you will see references to everything from 6 to 10 to 27 possible measurements.
While there are to be certain multiple points of overlap, the reality is that the disparity creates a problem when it comes to identifying which KPIs require managing and which don’t – especially in a world where the traditional silos that divided purchasing, finance, and IT no longer exist.
In this webinar, you will:

Gain greater insight into the KPIs that will have the greatest impact on your organisation in a global economy;

Learn how to effectively manage the four KPI areas to ensure enterprise-wide understanding and adoption;

Utilise KPI findings to effect needed changes on a real-time time basis;

Learn how to identify new or emerging KPI areas to ensure ongoing alignment with best practices.

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