18. elokuu 2018 - 13:00 asti 15:00
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Love your cycle - Workshop | Töölön kirjastod | lauantai, 18. elokuu 2018

To love and appreciate the menstrual cycle is -sadly- something that we’re rarely taught. But what if I tell you that there is a powerful way to flow with the natural rhythms of your body? What if there is a way to help your hormones work for and not against you? Did you know that the menstrual cycle has four different phases and that you’re basically a different woman in each one of them?  
In this mini-workshop we'll explore:  - What are the four phases of the menstrual cycle and the changes that you experiment physically, emotionally, and spiritually in each one of them.  - How to use the gifts and powers of each phase to boost your creativity and productivity.  - How tracking your cycle can help you to strengthen the connection with yourself and your body, as well as to identify things that might not be working well with your health.  - Some self-care practices that are in line with your cycle.
The meeting will take place at the Clubroom (Kerhohuone) located in the basement floor of the library (Level K). You can ask the library's personnel how to find it.
The workshop will be held in bring comfortable clothes.Tea and some nourishing treats will be provided :)In order to keep a cozy and safe atmosphere, places are limited to 15 women. If this speaks to you make sure to register your participation :)