15. helmikuu 2018 - 19:00 asti 23:00
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Investment Management After Exam with OP | A21 Decades | torstai, 15. helmikuu 2018

KY Finance and OP invite all of you Investment Management students to come and celebrate the completion of your course. The event will be held at A21 Decades (Annankatu 21, 00100) on Thursday February 15th from 19 onwards.

You get to enjoy drinks from the open bar which is provided by OP Corporate Bank. You also get the chance to network with OP representatives and learn more about their career opportunities.

OP will reward the two best teams with a Magnum bottle of Champagne:
- Winners of the Investment Management game
- Group with the best points from the exercises
The prize ceremony will be held at the event, so be there!

Good luck with the exams and see you at A21!
"After a period of maximizing the value of the shareholders it is now time to maximize something else... " - Anonymous

What: Investment Management After Exam with OP
Where: A21 Decades, Annankatu 21, 00100 Helsinki
When: 19:00-23:00