15. lokakuu 2018 - 9:30
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International Conference on Mechatronics & Robotics | Radisson Blu Seaside Hotel | maanantai, 15. lokakuu 2018

Mechatronics and Robotics 2018 warmly welcome all the researchers, developers, experts, students from the field of Technical and non- Technical connected to attend International Conference on Mechatronics & Robotics during October 15-16, 2018, Helsinki, Finland. The Conference will be composed around the theme “Unfolding Knowledge with a Delineate Technical World".
1.         Mechatronics and Robotics
2.         Design and product development
3.         Internet of Things (IoT)
4.         Materials Science and Manufacturing
5.         New Approaches in Automation and Robotics
6.         Computational Vision and Robotics
7.         3D Scanning
8.         Wearable Robots
9.         Medical Robotics and Computer-assisted Surgery
10.       Industrial Automation
11.       Autonomous Technology
12.       Sensor Networks
13.       Intelligent Machines
14.       Automotive and Vehicle Technology Systems
15.       The Coming Future of Artificial intelligence
16.       Power storage
This will be the best common platform for learning and offer new thoughts, create a network amongst the Technologist, Professionals, Industrialists, Researchers, Innovators, professors and students from the area of Technical as well as non-technical background.
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