11. lokakuu 2018 - 10:00
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Helsinki Speechwriters' & Business Communicators' Conference | House of the Estates | torstai, 11. lokakuu 2018

17th European Speechwriter Network ConferenceOur conferences are open to people who write speeches in their organisations.
You’ll meet colleagues who **** the same challenges. 
The European Speechwriter Network working with the UK Speechwriters' Guild has pioneered a format where we listen to top speechwriters, leaders and interpreters talk about their work.
We learn what techniques they use, how they craft stories, how they build relationships.
Who should attend?
Previous conferences in the UK, Brussels and Amsterdam have attracted speechwriters from the European Commission, NATO, BMW, IBM, the CBI, Orange, Deloitte, the United Nations, the European Investment Bank, Coca Cola as well as the Dutch, Danish and British civil service.
This conference is for anyone wanting to improve their ability to write and deliver speeches.
While the conference is predominantly in English, the techniques will be transferable to other languages.
It's also for people wishing to improve their company's ability to communicate ideas.
You should attend this course if you are interested in: 

Communicating your organisation's mission, vision and values 
Helping leaders motivate and inspire 
Discovering techniques to give your speeches more impact 
Understanding how speeches are interpreted 
Engaging people with your ideas 

The benefits 

Acquire techniques used in the White House, European institutions and and in numerous government and multinational offices around Europe. 
Get insights into rhetoric from top writers 
Listen to outstanding public speakers 
Have your own work analysed in interactive sessions with top trainers 
Meet fellow professionals from the Europe and the rest of the world  

3pm - Sauna at Löyly for early birds!
6.30pm - Meal in Helsinki Restaurant 
Pre-Conference Training
Thursday 11  October
Delegates can choose from three pre-conference training workshops
10.00am – 4.30pm 
10.00am – 4.30pm 
10.00am – 4.00pm 
4.45pm - Tour of the Finnish Literature Society
6.00pm - Reception with the Mayor of Helsinki
Friday 12 October
10 - 4.30am - Full conference 
Speakers include: 
What you will learn and leave with

A better understanding of what makes an effective speech 
Insights on how to work with multilingual audiences 
Tips for managing your speakers 
Strategies for dealing with interpreters 
New contacts, ideas and perspectives on the trade

Pre-Conference Trainers

If you prefer to submit a purchase order or you would like us to send you an invoice instead of paying through Eventbrite, please get in touch.
Cancellation Policy
Bookings will not be accepted unless accompanied by payment and cancellations must be received no later than one month (28 days) before the conference if a full refund is to be given.
Cancellations received within 2 to 4 weeks of the first date of conference will be refunded 50%. No refunds will be given for cancellations made within 14 days, but you can negotiate to transfer your place to the next conference.

How to get to Leuven
There are a limited number of discounts availalbe to people in full-time education who are considering a career in speechwriting. Details on application.


Click here to read an article the Financial Times wrote about one of our conferences.

It was a great event and I found the speakers provided an excellent insight into the world of speechwriting - so thank you!
Kate, IBM
We went back to the real nitty-gritty elements of the craft, and going back to basics made me think afresh about different approaches that can be taken. The Conference overall was educational, practical and full of ideas and creative energy. Attending was a brilliant opportunity – go!
Jonathan Kinsella (speechwriter at Dept of Culture, Media and Sport)
Loved the conference. Great speakers and well organized. Learnt lots.
Alistair McIntosh, Chief Executive, Housing Quality Network
Thanks especially for getting Sam Leith and David Day to speak to the group, both were utterly compelling.  And thanks for all the thought and hard work that doubtlessly go into this event every year, I can't think of any other conference that's worth packing a suitcase for.
Maddy, Clifford Chance
It was a hugely enjoyable two days and an honour to speak among such stellar names. Congrats on pulling off such a successful event.
David K
I greatly enjoyed the conference, and very much appreciated being invited.
Edward Mortimer, former speechwriter to Kofi Annan 
Let me thank you wholeheartedly again for having invited me to your brilliantly organized conference in Oxford. I enjoyed it thoroughly and I was impressed by the line-up of speakers, the truly international mix of people, the intellectual level of the contributions (and contributors) and the wonderful venue you had chosen
Willi Vogler, Verband der Redenschreiber deutscher Sprache
Thanks for organising such a brilliant event – I have just been raving about how brilliant the event was to my colleagues and would very much like one of them to attend next year, could you keep me on your mailing list.
Communications Director at Astellas Pharma Europe
Thanks for organising such a great event.
Ben Duncan, Senior Adviser to the Director, European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control
Thank you for an outstanding conference. Congratulations for organising multiple perspectives on speech writing – Foreign Office, UN, government and business.
Jamie Priestley