04. joulukuu 2018 - 14:00 asti 15:00
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German Pitching Stage: Online Marketplaces, Retail & Marketing | Messukeskus, Siipi (former Kokoustamo), Room 201 | tiistai, 04. joulukuu 2018

We invite you to get to know interesting startups ‘’Made in Germany’’. During this event around 40 selected German startups from different regions will get the chance to introduce their products and services on the German Pitching Stage. The event will be separated into different slots with unique themes which offers a great opportunity to pop in and listen to the pitches and network with the German representatives afterwards.
From 14 to 15 pm the third pitching slot will concentrate on the topics Online Marketplaces, Retail & Marketing.
The event is free of charge and there is no sign up needed for you being able to join. However, by registering via the Slush-platform you will receive the latest information and updates for this event.
P.S. You do not need a Slush ticket to access the German Pitching Stage.
For more information: www.dfhk.fi/slush
See you there!