08. marraskuu 2018 - 9:30 asti 18:00
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Finnish Opening Streamteam Nordic Remote Production Hub | Iso Paja | torstai, 08. marraskuu 2018

Finnish Opening of Streamteam Nordic's New Remote Production Hub & Technology Seminars
Helsinki, 8 November 2018
With this event, we would like to give our Finnish customers and friends the chance to visit Streamtream Nordic’s new Production Hub for the games of Finnish Ice Hockey League Liiga. This state-of-the-art production facility was planned and implemented by Broadcast Solutions, in cooperation with Streamteam.
Further on the schedule are:
-          Seminars of leading manufacturers on the latest technology news
-          Exhibition area
Concurrent with Streamteam Nordic’s opening event, Broadcast Solutions wants to celebrate the moving in our new office premises in YLE’s Helsinki compound. With the new offices, the company modernises and expands its facility in Helsinki to be used as a major company hub for the Nordic countries. With our new offices, we will serve our customers even better and will increase our footprint in the industry.
A detailed schedule of the lectures and an exhibitor list will follow.