09. elokuu 2018 - 17:30 asti 21:00
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Entergrate Helsinki Town Hall Meeting | Maria 01 | torstai, 09. elokuu 2018


The immigrant communities form an intergal part of a modern society, but often times these groups are marginalized, neglected and left in dispair in the adopted homes. The Finnish society is doing a lot to integrate immigrants, but it is a known fact that a good number of immigrants living in Finland have not embraced Finlad as home or grown professionally. This result has been the non-commital attitude of a good number of them. It is time to start changing the status quo in Finland.
Entergrate town hall meeting is a start of the conversation to start harnessing the full potentials of the immigrants that live in Finland, learn the language, culture, get educated, yet are not "ENTERGRATED" professionally. 
The goal of this town hall meeting is to bring together stakeholders,immigrants, agencies, and educational institution, to examine, what we have done in th past, what we are doing currently, and what we can do in the future to better the situation. This is a start of the road map to changing things for the better. We wish to use this platform to form strategic partnership with all the relevant stakeholders. We want to pool together resources and ideas togethe to create synergy between all groups.
We urge that attendees prepare their minds, questions, ideas, and thoughts on ways we can move foward. This is requires active participation on the part of all attending. The community on Facebook is: . Also find us on Instagram: #EntergrateFinland.  Join the community, share it with friends. It is time to stop doing nothing and start doing something!!! 

Come join the conversation locals and immigrants alike!!!
5.30pm– Networking
6.00pm– Panel discussion
8.00pm–Strategic solutions