01. marraskuu 2018 - 15:00 asti 19:00
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Elisa AI Co-Creation Semi-final Pitching | Elisa HQ | torstai, 01. marraskuu 2018

9 teams have been selected for the chance to work with Elisa on creating new AI products and services and win 50,000 euros at Slush 2018. 
On Thursday the 1st of November we are organizing the semi-final pitching event here at Elisa Headquarters in Pasila. During the semifinal pitching event, the startup teams will pitch their ideas and demonstrate their demos during the afternoon. Followed by this the 3 teams proceeding to the finals are announced. 
About the Elisa AI Co-Creation Challenge:
In the Elisa AIorganization Co-Creation Challenge selected teams will explore the possibilities of transforming data into business. The teams are solving problems within the industry areas Elisa operates: entertaining, industrial IoT, telco processes, digital health, and customer service.
The teams are guided through the process of creating a winning idea, testing & experimentation, building a minimum viable product and piloting with a customer. By the end of the competition, the aim is to have business up-and-running in production.