11. syyskuu 2019 - 9:30 asti 18:00
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ECIS2019 - IMPACT | Kaapelitehdas | keskiviikko, 11. syyskuu 2019

This years European Creative Industries Summit 2019 deals with the IMPACT of Creative Industries Cross-innovations The ECIS 2019 is organised by the ECBN (European Creative Business Network) and Kaapeli in Helsinki on the 11th of September 2019.
The ECIS 2019 focuses on the impact of cross-innovation on the competitiveness of the economy as a whole - driven by the cultural and creative industries: How to overcome obstacles and challenges? How can the cultural and creative sectors be up-to-date with regard to their impact on competitiveness? How can cultural and creative entrepreneurs respond to the challenges facing European society and the economy over the next 25 years and be ready for innovation?