23. syyskuu 2019 - 16:00
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Digital Prototyping Week | The Shortcut | maanantai, 23. syyskuu 2019

What is Digital Prototyping Week (DPW):
Digital Prototyping Week is a 5-day event where you will learn the processes and techniques to create a prototype and test a digital product. This is the perfect opportunity to form a team to go through all the different aspects of creating a prototype with the help and guidance of coaches and workshop givers.
Once the teams are formed, you work together to create a digital product, test the user experience and showcase your work to a jury of professionals. The focus will be on learning the process & tools, rather than creating the perfect concept.
For whom:
For everyone, regardless of the background. No predefined knowledge necessary. If you want to learn how to create a digital prototype, work in a team, get validation and take your project further, then this is for you.
The DPW is a week-long sprint from 23rd September - 27th September, starting from 16:00 to 19:00. Please note that the event requires full participation on all days. 
The goal:
Have different workshops on product development, customer development, prototyping and pitching in order to walk through all the aspects of how to make a successful prototype.
In-depth workshops help the participants to understand the concepts as it also helps the participants to gain a new skill. (eg: A lot of participants have the idea but don't know how to make a prototype, so the workshops help them to understand the software and build a prototype and the coaches also help the teams during the workshop).
Workshop givers/Speakers introduce new softwares to create prototypes and then the teams present them in front of the jury on the last day and get feedback.