15. marraskuu 2018 - 18:00 asti 22:00
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Couchsurfing Helsinki Weekly Meetup | Hard Rock Cafe Helsinki | torstai, 15. marraskuu 2018

Couchsurfing Weekly Meetup is open for everyone and on average, more than 40 people join weekly. Join us and meet other Couchsurfers, locals, national and international travelers, expats etc., together with their friends and guests. To hang out, socialize, practice languages, have a drink or two or why not a dinner, talk randomly to someone, hear what's going on in the town, exchange experiences and getting new asked how this weekly meetups are? Here a small video where you can see:  TAGS & DISCOUNTS Find your weekly host and let the him know that you have arrived and get your name tag sticker where you can write your first name and where you are from, to receive your discount on selected *drinks and *food at the bar throughout the CS event and to show others that you are a Couchsurfer!************************************************************WHEREHard Rock Café (website  location: ) Aleksanterinkatu 21, (It is a 300m walk from the Central Railway Station, 4 min walk. We are at the second floor of Hard Rock Café, in the Bar for the orange Couchsurfing banners or signs!************************************************************WHAT & WHO Join us at our weekly official Couchsurfing Helsinki meetup at Hard Rock Café at Aleksanterinkatu 21 in Helsinki. It´s a free event and entrance to the bar for all Couchsurfers and their friends and guests, where you can meet other locals, expats, national and international travelers etc. To hang out, socialize, practice languages, have a drink or two, eat some snacks, talk randomly to someone, knowing what´s going on in the city, exchange experiences and getting new acquaintances. This weekly meetup is open for everyone and particularly for new members. We are happy to meet new people every week, so even You are welcome to join us with 30-50 other people weekly during the evening! Don´t forget to click on the ”Join” –button on this event, so everyone else can see who´s joining this week! ************************************************************WHEN The Official Helsinki Couchsurfing Weekly Meetup will take place every Thursday, starting from 6 pm until 10 pm officially or until last person leaves from Hard Rock Café which closes at midnight. Feel free to arrive at any time during the evening (preferable between 6 pm to 10 pm). Bare in mind that the host might have left if you arrive late.************************************************************PLEASE NOTE - Since we are always a lot of people, remember to keep an eye on your stuff/bags during the evening. When you decide to leave, please double check that you got everything with you, sometimes people tend to forget their stuff behind. - Please do not bring your own drink or food to the venue. - Free entrance to the bar with no wardrobe fee and age limit 18 years old, these all only for Couchsurfers and their friends and guests. - Hard Rock Café is a non smoking bar. If you wish to smoke, you have to go outside. ************************************************************Like us on Facebook to follow the events and discussions! Like our page:  our group:  you are interested to volunteer and be more active in the Couchsurfing Helsinki community, please contact the organizer of this event for more information!See you all there Couchsurfers and everyone else for a great time!