06. marraskuu 2018 - 16:30 asti 18:00
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Company Excursion: Case Mount Kelvin & Home Automation | Mount Kelvin HQ | tiistai, 06. marraskuu 2018

If you love building smart homes, you are going to love this company.

Mount Kelvin makes physical world smarter. The company offers smart, easy to control lighting solutions for all sorts of luminaires. You can create moods and adjust lighting with smart switches, mobile app and voice control, as well as with motorized blinds and shades. The company keeps on growing and you can already see its handprint in hotels, offices and residency.
If you'd like to get to know Mount Kelvin better, see and test their Show Room, look into the code and hear about their plans for the future (such as recruitment needs ;), join us to the excursion! 

Warm welcome!