05. joulukuu 2018 - 10:00 asti 12:30
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Co-creation: (Re)Aligning Technology to Humanity and Wellbeing | Slush - Messukeskus (room Säde) | keskiviikko, 05. joulukuu 2018


Technologies create unprecedented possibilities for a great future for humanity; better lives and a more open and inclusive society. Throughout the history of mankind, technology has been seen separate from the self, however, this is rapidly changing as we are entering the 4th Industrial revolution. In a few years, we will live hyper-connected lives. But technology is not the end game to make our lives better, and today many are concerned over screen-time and overuse of technology. Us humans also need physical contact, real-life experience, play and nature to thrive. As technology and digitization evolve at an exponential pace we need to prepare and understand what is needed to live sustainably and intelligently connected where technology serves humanity and our health and wellbeing. It's time to align tech with humanity and wellbeing.

What is the aim

A co-creation workshop on what is needed to live healthy and intelligently connected in the 4th Industrial Era.

Who will be there

This is a Slush side event and is by invitation with selected participants from start-ups, industry, academia, NGOs, experts, and innovators.  

What will be done

10:00    Welcome & Introduction
10:05    Future outlook based on the Slush keynote of Aza Raskin, Founder, Centre for Humane Technology
10:20    Fireside chats with Elin Wallberg, Samsung; Maiko Arras, CEO Hoopy; and, Ira Wichmann You-App/Fifth Corner
10:35    Co-creation workshop: How do we (re)align tech to humanity?
11:30   Summary
11:45   Networking lunch
12:30   End

Moderated by Matters Group

Welcome to create the future with us!