10. lokakuu 2019 - 16:00 asti 17:00
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Catalyst Program UX & Service Design Edition - 1st Info Session | The Shortcut | torstai, 10. lokakuu 2019

If you are ready to utilize your skills to accelerate your career in Finland and have the right mindset to make it happen then this is the perfect program for you!
The Catalyst Program is open to individuals earnestly seeking opportunities in the dynamic tech or startup ecosystem in Finland. For 14 weeks we will support highly motivated participants in building their professional network and boosting their career in Finland through startups and high growth companies. PARTICIPANTS WILL GET TO:-Amplify their employability and visibility in the Finnish tech community -Attend workshops on the latest topics by industry leaders and network with them-Join our peer learning clubs-Access the various active tech startup networks -Apply for jobs / internships in startups and scale-ups in the ecosystemThis edition of the Catalyst Program is best suited for those skilled in service-interaction design, user experience, interface accessibility, UX research, content development, visual and graphic design, UX strategy or product management and are looking for a step towards job opportunities. 
Participants will go through three phases during the program:Immersion (Weeks 1 - 3)-7 out of 10 jobs in Finland are not advertised. We help you assess your skills at personal branding, enhance LinkedIn profiles and CVs, team building, better your networking abilities and skill mapping. You get to explore the startup community in Finland - such as A Grid, Maria 01, Helsinki Think Co. Active engagement (Weeks 4 - 9)-Participate in relevant technical workshops that accelerate your learning.UXPressia Customer Journey Mapping (CJM) workshops + certification Basics in User Interface design (UI) Project ManagementProject + Internships (Week 10-14)- After the training, internships are the best way to land job opportunities. We help with recruitment clinics and create networking platforms with the startup community and founders. Create your portfolio and convince with your attitude and achievements. APPLY HERE: https://bit.ly/2mugPIbWe urge participants to be proactive and use this program to find their next career move by developing their professional network. Please apply with a statement of motivation and your CV or Linkedin profile link. The Catalyst Program is for non-Finnish citizens who are:-Registered with the TE office as an unemployed jobseeker -Have a valid residence permit -Fluent in written and spoken English, with a curious attitude and are committed until the end of the training