31. lokakuu 2018 - 17:30 asti 19:00
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BitOfProperty Helsinki Seminar | Industrigatan 21 | keskiviikko, 31. lokakuu 2018

BitOfProperty is organizing an event in Helsinki to give better insight and overview of a current real estate investment opportunity, DepotHouse, which is LIVE and available for investment on BitOfProperty platform.
At the event, the Company CEO and COO will give an overview about BitOfProperty and go in depth with the available investment oppotunity DepotHouse. We will cover general information about the deal, structure, potential scenarious for the outcome and also answer all the questions you might have to us or about the investment opportunity.
Those, who for some reason are unable to attend the seminar on spot, we are looking ways how can you join via Internet (Google Hangouts, Skype etc.) More information about this will be published on our website and blog, but please feel free to write us an email to make sure you can join the seminar: team@bitofproperty.com
For your easy reference, please visit our website here:
Looking forward to see you at the event and hopefully becoming part of other likeminded real estate investors at BitOfProperty!