29. elokuu 2018 - 16:30 asti 19:00
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Digitally Circular - August 2018 | EIT Digital / Open Innovation House | keskiviikko, 29. elokuu 2018

A bi-monthly networking event to accelerate circular economy development by connecting circular economy professionals, digital experts and business decision makers to enable and encourage co-ideation and co-creation.

What? Networking, two crisp presentations, one demo
To whom? Circular economy professionals, digital experts, business leaders and those interested 
When? Event takes place on Wednesday 29th August, 16:30 – 19:00
Theme: Digitally Circular in Industry
On stage:

Dr. Sami Majaniemi, VTT
Olli Aaltonen, CEO, eRent
Viktor Laitinen, CEO, Fluid Intelligence
Jukka Multisilta, CSO, Troventum

Where? EIT Digital, Aalto Open Innovation House, Maarintie 6, Otaniemi
For me? Contacts, knowledge, change tools, ideas.
For additional information please contact us at info@digitally-circular.fi