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Member Clean Up | Colchester Makerspace | sunnuntai, 03. marraskuu 2019

Many hands make light work.Colchester Makerspace is a shared space serving a community of Makers. While we have a strict policy of cleaning up after ourselves, to ensure the space is always in tip-top condition our members get together once a month (on the first Sunday morning of every month) to give them place a once over. Free obligitory cuppa and natter included.---
Ever harboured dreams of making your own pots? Fantasised about playing with ink? Perhaps you just fancy learning a new skill? Or you want to rekindle a love you had for a past hobby or practice? Whatever the reason, whatever your experience, if you’re looking to get creative, then check out Colchester Makerspace.
Colchester Makerspace at Trinity Works (just behind Café Saison) provides access to ceramics, textiles and printmaking equipment, such as kilns, silkscreen, letterpress and sewing machines.
We also provide a wide-ranging and exciting programme of arts and crafts workshops, classes and events to get you started. Plus, if you want to use the facility on a more regular basis, you can access this amazing space and its equipment, via a monthly membership, starting at just £10 per month.
Intrigued? Want to know more? Pop in, attend an Open Workshop (hosted on the last Thursday of every month) or follow us on social media, using the icons in the footer.
Website www.makercampus.co.uk
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