24. lokakuu 2019 - 14:30 asti 15:30
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NCP Academy Webinar: Synergies of funds | torstai, 24. lokakuu 2019

NCP Academy webinar on Synergies of funds.

During this webinar, speakers will discuss synergies during the next period 2021-2027, in particular regarding Horizon Europe and the Seal of Excellence.

Main focus: what will be possible in 2021-2027 that wasn’t in 2014-2020?


Katja Reppel, Deputy Head of Unit, European Commission, Directorate-General Regional and Urban Policy, Unit G1 – Smart and sustainable growth

Pascal Newton, French ministry for higher education, research and innovation

Target group: all NCPs
In case of questions, please contact the organizer olivier.marco@recherche.gouv.fr