09. helmikuu 2019 - 9:00 asti 21:00
Susiniementie 50, FI-38600 Lavia, Suomi
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Lavia 2019 - The toughest lawn mower race on earth! | lauantai, 09. helmikuu 2019

Lavia 2019 - The toughest & coolest international lawn mower race on earth!

There will be inexpensive housing for all competitors.

Unfortunately we do not have the finnish rulebook translated in english. However, as foreign teams, except for Estonia, has wery different rules and equipment from those used in Finland, we welcome you participate with whatever you drive with the following requirements:

1. Any studs are aloud, you can use a bolt trough the tire if you choose to. Max amount of studs 200, placement free. Maximum overhang 5mm.
2. Dead man's switch compulsory
3. Lights: You have to have headlights and a red backlight. A big part of the competition takes place in the dark. Bring spares as you have to replace a broken one during the race.
4. A one-cylinder lawn mower engine.

Inquiries: toimisto@leikkurilemans.com