27. toukokuu 2017 - 12:00
Nursery Park, West Kowloon / 西九文化區苗圃公園
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IRIS: Your Escape - HK's Largest Health & Wellness Festival | lauantai, 27. toukokuu 2017


IRIS: Your Escape - 全港最大型健康節「IRIS:Your Escape 將於5月13至14日,在西九龍文化區的苗圃公園舉行!

IRIS: Your Escape - Hong Kong’s Largest Health & Wellness Festival returns for its fifth edition on 27-28 May at Nursery Park, West Kowloon Cultural District.

門票現正發售 TICKETS ON SALE NOW: https://iris.pouchnation.com

為期兩天的健康節節目豐富,包括瑜伽和冥想班、一連串的體驗活動以及超過60個推廣健康生活的市集!歡迎愛好健康生活的各位及全家大小,一同參與「IRIS:Your Escape」享受美滿的週末。如果你未想到慶祝母親節的點子,不妨來今次IRIS新設的「家庭同樂區」(Family Zone)和家人慶祝。

As spring transitions to summer it is time to relax, recharge and recover after all the hard work that has been put in during the first half of the year. Join us on Mother’s Day weekend for a highly experiential TWO-DAY festival that hosts a range of exciting features including our newly added Family Zone!

Our Yoga, Meditation, Discovery and Performance Zones are guaranteed to leave you feeling refreshed, revitalised and full of joy. While our ever growing Marketplace provides the latest in, products, services, delicious food and drink and much more. This is one experience you do not want to miss!

** Adult (age 12+): $100 (1 Day)
** Adult (age 12+): $150 (2 Days)
兒童 Kids (age 3-11): $50 (1 Day)
兒童 Kids (age 3-11): $75 (2 Days)
Free Admission for Children 3 & Under

即場門票 AT DOOR:
** Adult (age 12+): $200
兒童 Kids (age 3-11): $100

時間表 SCHEDULE: https://www.irishkg.com/schedule

開放時間 TIME:
星期六 SATURDAY: 12:00PM - 9:00PM
星期日 SUNDAY: 9:00AM - 6:00PM

Nursery Park, West Kowloon / 西 九 文化 區 苗圃 公園

網站 WEBSITE: http://www.irishkg.com

Re-live the last IRIS: Your Escape: https://goo.gl/pHuYG4


• 60+ classes in 6 zones for the price of 1!
• Largest outdoor yoga, health, wellness and fitness classes in Hong Kong
• Learn/try brand new styles crafts such as Movement, Zumba, BJJ, Capoeira, Pilates, HIIT and more!
• A stellar line-up of teachers from a variety of studios around Hong Kong. Including special guest - International Buddhist Monk and Director of the Royal University of Bhutan Khenpo Lungtaen Gyatso.
• Amazing special deals at our Marketplace
• Education - experience the benefits of health & wellness
• Meet new people with similar interests. This is where everyone in the health, wellness, fitness and lifestyle industry gathers/comes together
• Freebies, prizes, Incentives, giveaways
• Mothers Day Weekend: An all new Family Zone with Family workshops and classes


瑜伽向來是「IRIS:Your Escape」的核心活動。雖然健康節自2015年推出後添加了不少新意,但瑜伽永遠不可或缺、每次都匯集所有最佳的瑜伽導師。今次選擇西九龍文化區苗圃公園舉行健康節,其恬靜的環境可以讓瑜伽愛好者安心和舒適地伸展。

Yoga has been the foundation on which IRIS: Your Escape has been built. The word Yoga means union. Our Yoga teachers are meticulously selected to deliver the best possible experience with a common goal of raising Hong Kong’s collective consciousness.


冥想園地提供一個更親密的體驗。導師、治療師 和出色的講者會分享他們的知識和見解,讓各位舒解過去一週的緊張精神。

The Meditation Zone offers a more intimate experience. Teachers, healers and motivational speakers all share their wisdom, providing a space to unwind from the fast-paced lifestyle we encounter regularly.



Our latest festival feature, the Discovery Zone, is a dynamic fitness space. Break a sweat with Capoeira and Kickboxing, get your heart pumping with Circuit Training and Zumba or find your focus with Tai Chi and Wing Chun in this fun, interactive environment!



Welcome to your ideal exploratory experience. Our Marketplace has almost anything you could wish for. Indulge in delicious food and drink, shop for the latest in clothing and apparel, learn about the latest studios and gyms, enjoy a range of treatment essentials, revitalize your body with innovative skincare - we’ve got it all and more!


「IRIS:Your Escape」目的是讓所有人享受充實又健康的週末。今年會有現場表現、鑼浴、空中瑜伽、講座、家庭同樂區、VR及不同種類的工作坊。臉部彩繪、藝術體驗。

There are many other Special Features that are an integral part of the IRIS: Your Escape experience. These include Live Performances, Gong Bath, Family Zone, Silent Disco, Aerial Arts, Motivational Speakers, **** Painting, Virtual Reality and various other workshops.

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