22. syyskuu 2017 - 10:00
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Equinox Festival 2017 | perjantai, 22. syyskuu 2017

........so who's up for doing it all again this year????!!

There'll be over a hundred bands and DJs on our seven stages, including our two banging dance tents- Sunrise and Lunar with their crazy decor and stage shows to match, our solar powered Soundscape stage, pedal powered Grass Roots and our Crispy Disco main stage- dedicated to one of the original members of the tribe-Crispian Baker.

Fire shows created by a pyromaniac genius, workshops and heritage crafts the like of which many of you will never have seen before, new chill areas, healing areas and fire pits and of course the amazing Earthbound Misfits will be there with their wondrous circus skills and children's area to keep the little ones entertained.

Food and drink? Still bring your own if you want, but with our Big Dub Cafe we'll be dishing up dub and low prices in our Big Top and offering the finest in street food for vegans and meat-eaters alike- wholesome, organic food is our priority- £1 tea is our policy!!
Our traders will be tempting you with a great selection of food and anything from real ale or a cheeky cocktail or a fresh juice to perk you up from that night before, to handmade crafts collected worldwide and glow sticks and ridiculousness too tempting to walk by.

So come join us, show your support for the festival that just won't stop and the collective tribe that you are part of each September.

Welcome to Equinox 2017 !!

  • ......from all the Equinox Crew :-)
  • Where's the line up ***
  • Cannae wait!
  • Have all the Stewarding positions been taken? Have previously done it at 4 of the Alchemys, cheers x
  • I can't get to the checkout bit to pay ?
  • We're honoured and well excited to announce that Lee Scratch Perry will be joining us at Equinox Festival 2017. Gather the Tribes! www.equinoxfestival.uk Regarded with awe throughout the music world, Lee “Scratch” Perry holds status as one of the most enduring and original reggae producers and artists of all time. From his early days in the 1960’s as a singer and engineer for Coxsone Dodd’s Studio One in Kingston, through his production of the seminal Wailers’ classics African Herbsman and Soul Revolution, Perry’s innovative style marks him as one of reggae’s original treasures. His on the edge creative genius remains evident in his own solo albums of the 1970’s through his steady stream of mind-boggling releases of the 1980’s. One of reggae’s undisputed pioneers, Lee “the Upsetter” Perry has worked with almost everyone from the Heptones to the Skatalites to the Clash. Certainly one of his most notable contributions was the pairing of Bob Marley, to Peter Tosh, and Bunny Wailer with the Barnet Brothers (Carley and “Familyman” who had been the heart of the Perry’s group, the Upsetters) and thus the forming of the Bob Marley and the Wailers. After his own studio, “Black Ark,” burned to the ground in the late 1970’s, Perry laid low for a while, only to resurface with a vengeance in England in the mid-1980’s. He went back into the studio with a variety of partners, from Adrian Sherwood to Terence Trent D’Arby. During this time, Perry took up residence in the Swiss Alps (“The mountains give me the fresh Swiss air to replenish my structure so I can soon join the immortal race”). Proof positive that talent on this scale will win out no matter what, since the “madman” has come down from the mountain, the World Music market has been gifted with more Lee Perry Product. Perry’s stream of consciousness rants have been called the babblings of the lunatic by some to the offerings of a prophet by others. Either way, his unique dubbing style is infectious. Often, the words are broken down into their purest elements, sound and feeling. Perry’s groundbreaking use of sound effects, echo reverb, and rewind adds a new dimension to the folk tradition of Reggae and has influenced countless other artists. In his plethora of newer material, “Scratch” expounds on his favourite themes of extraterrestrials, judgment, justice, corruption, carnality, and self proclamation, all over some killer riddims. Always one to follow the beat of his own drummers, the eccentric genius Perry continues to break new ground with the hardest rebel Rasta tunes and the most unpredictable instrumental dubs. Lee Perry has most recently been touring Europe, riveting both old and new fans with a full measure of his blessings. The “Upsetter” charges forward making music that recalls African roots, at the same time, it reaches for the vastness of the outer space. Lee is perhaps the only 80 + year old that can dance on one leg for 1 hour straight!
  • Do you have the midnight curfew this year? If so are you doing anything after that like a headphones disco or something?
  • Hi all i know this is along way off but any one travelling from and back to Northampton area could i get a lift i will of course chip in for fuel :D
  • So who's everyone looking forward to seeing most this year at Equinox from our line up announced so far? Feel free to add a link to your favourite track from your favourite band and share the love :-)
  • For your Saturday listening pleasure, Magiclantern of Beats Bizarre- catch him on our Sunrise Stage at Equinox :-) https://www.mixcloud.com/thebeatsbizarre/magiclantern-dave-the-quantum-hedgehog-unexpectedly-wins-the-general-election/
  • https://www.facebook.com/Plant-a-seed-along-the-way-Plantaseedalongtheway-252446645087325/
  • Equinox Festival 2017...now with added OOOD :-) (Sunrise Stage) https://soundcloud.com/oood/union-jack-cactus-oood-remix-promo-clip (Global release date 27th June 2017) 'OOOD (aka Out Of Our Depth) will be a familiar name to both those with long memories, and to relative newcomers to trance. Formed in the UK in 1994 and with 4 members since 2001 they've been around for as long as there's been psytrance and have worked with many of the names and labels from the scene's long history, as well as producing some of Goa Trance's classic tracks on labels like Flying Rhino, Phantasm and Matsuri. A few quiet years in the early 2000s saw them retreat to the Stooodio,their eclectic third album 'Free Range' (Organic, 2006) was regarded by many reviewers as one of the very best psytrance releases that year. Two years later they released 'Fourthought' (Phar Psyde, 2008), an 80-minute psychedelic journey through downtempo, breaks, electro, blues and a varied selection of psytrance and saw them consolidate their place as one of the few acts from the birth of the scene who are still actively contributing. As well as the originality, sense of fun and excellent production they bring to their releases, OOOD have been praised for their live sets since their London debut in 1995. Now, with four people in the band they are unique for the way they use live instruments (guitar, drums, keyboards, percussion) as an integral part of their live set, and have gained a reputation for both the power and quality of their live sound, and the vibrancy of their performances. Events such as Boom (Portugal), Universo Paralello (Brazil), Fusion (Germany), Glade (UK) and Vortex (South Africa), and many others in Japan, Russia and across Europe and elsewhere are seeing how OOOD create a unique energy and connection with the audience. OOOD live is different every time but these guys know what they're doing and they put on a **** of a show.'
  • Afternoon! Very pleased to announce we have Kangaroo Moon with us at Equinox Festival 2017 :-) http://www.kangaroomoon.com/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o-gRd-uBIYg&index=16&list=PLQrYgYdQCKRdOXxCSn3CjnIid2XdTJvqt
  • http://mysticalraven.com/spirituality/6454/june-full-moon-in-fiery-sagittarius-intensity-transformation-and-optimism
  • Live from the SoundBunker-right now! Random Concept, catch them hosting the Lunar Stage at Equinox 2017 :-)
  • https://soundcloud.com/steelcityrhythm/countdown-to-zero?in=steelcityrhythm/sets/free-love-fighting
  • Thought you might like some Back to the Planet for your Friday-they'll be at Strawberry Fair this weekend in the Scarecrow Corner and are joining us at Equinox. Have a great weekend everyone :-) https://soundcloud.com/back-to-the-planet-1
  • .....well, you won't be forgetting when Equinox is when you're putting your washing out if you manage to nab one of these! Keep a look out for them, we'll be coming to festivals around the country on a mission to help you brighten up laundry day soon :-)
  • Our first full poster of the year with all of our announced line-up so far :-) Many Thanks to Joe Public for editing and fitting all those bands on there!
  • If you need some flyers distributing at the university let me know. Students will be gone very soon. My fashion lot have gone but I will post it out on the uni internet if you send me one I'll scan it in. Cheers looking forward to it x
  • New location. A better one???
  • Dear Everyone, We wanted you to hear it here first, the flyers are now being distributed, we've been quietly preparing for months, and can now announce that WE ARE MOVING!! :-) After months of attempting to negotiate with the landowner of Scholey Park, we decided it was for the best and found a beautiful, amazing new site about 25 minutes away in the Lincolnshire Wolds....and before anyone asks, IT'S NOT ON LANDFILL!! ( I thought I'd mention that ;-) ) The site in Wyham is in a hill, surrounded by natural beauty and empty fields. The name of the village in Old English means 'at the heathen shrines'. Here's a few pics to get you started with a sneaky peak of one part of the site and views across the fields. Big up the Equinox and much love to you all!! **
  • Good Morning! Look what we found on youtube- bubbles and smiles at Equinox 2016. Thank you Himalayer :-) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zJskqB3D2Iw
  • poorly van, we will be late. :(
  • This one's for all of you heading to Bearded- Funke and the Two Tone Baby will be gracing the Woodlands Stage and you'll be able to catch him at Equinox in September. Have a great time everyone, we'll see you in September! :-) https://youtu.be/SC9pM6CZ8hI