22. syyskuu 2017 - 10:00
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Equinox Festival 2017 | perjantai, 22. syyskuu 2017

........so who's up for doing it all again this year????!!

There'll be over a hundred bands and DJs on our seven stages, including our two banging dance tents- Sunrise and Lunar with their crazy decor and stage shows to match, our solar powered Soundscape stage, pedal powered Grass Roots and our Crispy Disco main stage- dedicated to one of the original members of the tribe-Crispian Baker.

Fire shows created by a pyromaniac genius, workshops and heritage crafts the like of which many of you will never have seen before, new chill areas, healing areas and fire pits and of course the amazing Earthbound Misfits will be there with their wondrous circus skills and children's area to keep the little ones entertained.

Food and drink? Still bring your own if you want, but with our Big Dub Cafe we'll be dishing up dub and low prices in our Big Top and offering the finest in street food for vegans and meat-eaters alike- wholesome, organic food is our priority- £1 tea is our policy!!
Our traders will be tempting you with a great selection of food and anything from real ale or a cheeky cocktail or a fresh juice to perk you up from that night before, to handmade crafts collected worldwide and glow sticks and ridiculousness too tempting to walk by.

So come join us, show your support for the festival that just won't stop and the collective tribe that you are part of each September.

Welcome to Equinox 2017 !!

  • We were 4 mins away and there was a road closure that is taking us so far away and were trying to get to you... Following diverted traffic for miles.. 😞
  • Anyone know when gong are on?
  • Hehe havin a good time
  • Anyone got a spare blow up mattress single or double !!!i could use or buy !! Help
  • Who's driving from London and has space asap x
  • Anybody going from Glasgow that has a spare seat and some baggage space?
  • Anyone going from Scotland with a spare seat?
  • Is anyone driving to equinox tonight after 8? 💫
  • Has anyone on site got a laptop stand I could borrow for my set on Saturday night please? I'll need it from 1830 - 2000
  • ANYONE seen Luke? Camped 'bottom right' ....... 20 miles later we are still looking!!!
  • Can tickets be scanned from a phone or do they have to be printed x
  • Can we park where we camp or at least drop off stuff and then park?
  • anybody selling 1 ticket? **
  • I can't go now, does anyone want to buy a ticket HALF PRICE? TICKET NOW SOLD
  • anyone selling 3 tickets? or can tickets be bought on site around 7pm tonight?
  • Hi anyone going from London with spare seats? Cheers x
  • Would i be able to come down sunday morning and get a day pass for sunday and How much would it be. Please
  • Are there weekend tickets available on the gates today?
  • Might be worth mentioning theres a road closure right near the festival peeps
  • Looking to buy two tickets if anyone knows? Possibly lift available from Manchester too but not sure when. ✌️ 🎑 🎶
  • Not good stopping people on a hill on a soggy road
  • A18 from north closed a couple miles from site. Be prepared for short detour over to A16 to come in from south instead.
  • Desperately need to get a lift for two! From either Somerset or Bristol!<3