25. heinäkuu 2017 - 20:00
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BF06 - The Discreet Charm of The Bourgeoisie (1972) | tiistai, 25. heinäkuu 2017

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The Discreet Charm of The Bourgeoisie won the BFF in 1972 (the same year as the Godfather). It was also nominated for overall Best Screenplay, and was named the year’s best by the National Society of Film Critics.
It continues the bourgeois themes of our last film, and finally delivers a film devoid of war, fascism & corruption – though there are lots of guns, & ***.

It’s a landmark surrealist film (a mode Buñuel pioneered with Dali in 1928, with the short “Un Chien Andalou”), full of the inexplicable. Terrorists shoot clockwork toys; bishops shoot the dying; ghostly mothers exhort soldierly fusillades. Couples leave dinner for *** in the garden; dinners never quite happen, or reveal themselves to be dreams; like inception, there are dreams within dreams. The film contains 3 of Buñuel’s own recurring dreams (a dream of being on stage and forgetting his lines; a dream of meeting his dead cousin in the street and following him into a house full of cobwebs; a dream of waking up to see his dead parents staring at him).

The film relentlessly exposes the bourgeois sense of entitlement, hypocrisy and corruption – and their deep fears of humiliation, authority and death. It was a great hit & critical success. Roger Ebert observed that “the primary audience for the film in 1972 saw it as attacking others; the primary audience today will, if it is perceptive, see it as an attack on itself.” Peter Bradshaw called it “a stranger and more sensual masterpiece than ever… An exotic and brilliant hothouse flower of a film.”
Buñuel posed for his Oscar wearing a wig and oversized sunglasses, and told a Newsweek reporter that his favourite characters in the film were the cockroaches.

Sinead & I host this intimate downtempo evening, sprawled on bourgeois sofas and beanbags, on Tuesday 25th July.
All are welcome to come, chat, eat and watch - and then together ponder and dissect the many meanings and symbols of this world-changing must-see film.
We'll lay on some Spanish food; please bring a bit more + booze.