05. heinäkuu 2019 - 18:00
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Cardiff City v Taffs Well | Taffs Well FC | perjantai, 05. heinäkuu 2019

Duty Description
SJC have been asked to provide medical cover at this football game. It is held at Taffs Well FC. 
Duty Timings
17:30 - Transport & Vehicle Checks at Norbury Road.
18:00 - Duty Start.
20:00 - Estimated Stand Down.
The uniform requirements for this duty are as follows:
Standard Delivery Uniform (White Shirt Underneath) - All First Aiders.
Approved Cycle Responder Uniform - All Cycle Response Unit.
PPE: Hi-Visibility Jackets with St John Cymu Wales Flashes and Epaulettes.
To cancel your allocation for the duty or for further information please contact us