23. joulukuu 2017 - 20:00
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Selectavibe Festive Session | Golden Lion Tap | lauantai, 23. joulukuu 2017

The annual Selectavibe Festive Session, a yearly favourite among locals, and visitors alike. A mixture of local DJ's, pumping sound system, drinking and dancing.

The lineup - in no particular order:

►KING LOUIS - Jungle/Tek/Hardcore Mashup

Those old enough to remember will think ‘Am I reading right?’ You youngun’s out there may be thinking ‘What’s this shite?’ Back from the grave, bringing the Rave, This old **** from DAVE will rock and deprave, with record bag and zimmer frame, bringing the pain jungle/tek/hardcore mashups the game……Now if could just remember his name…..King Louis or something wasn’t it?

►CAPITAINE PULL UP - Reggae/Dancehall

A warm winter welcome, Lucy coming down to the Shire to play us a set of Reggae & Dancehall from her emense collection of hard to find vinyl. Expect many a Nice Up!!

►WAMJAM - Ragge DnB/Jungle.

Not only does he look like John-Boy from the Waltons, but he is also making a big name for himself on the scene, we have the pleasure of him & his box of wax full of Ragga DnB/Jungle goodness.

►CITIZEN NUGGZ - Live Hip-Hop/Freestyle

F.I.D.S Founder Nuggz is back again after a brief sabbatical, he's been making some moves on the Hip-Hop scene this year, you can expect some large beats and fast concise lyrics, you can probably also expect a Cypher, so bring your bars and get involved!


Back on the bill at a festive session by popular demand, the UNIT 8 badman is known for his big tunes, strictly vinyl the way it's supposed to be. Always a floor filler.

Check back nearer the night for set times.