27. marraskuu 2020 - 9:00 asti 17:00
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Negotiate to Win - Auckland | Attain NZ Ltd | perjantai, 27. marraskuu 2020

This one-day intensive workshop is designed to give you the confidence you need to resolve points of difference, gain the advantage in the outcome of a discussion, produce an agreement upon courses of action or bargain for individual or collective advantage.
Negotiate & Win With Integrity provides you with practical negotiation techniques that you can use in many contexts and situations. In this workshop you are taught the theory, then break out and work in pairs or small teams to practice. You will learn key skills, like how to lay the groundwork for a successful negotiation outcome, choosing preferred locations, identifying the key points you're willing to concede and when to walk away from the bargaining table.

Module 1: Who, When & How
✦ What we mean by negotiation
✦ Negotiation Styles
✦ Dominant Negotiating Strategies
✦ Your Personal Style
✦ Reflection
Module 2: Preparing to Negotiate
✦ Know your BATNA
✦ The Zone of Possible Agreement (ZOPA)
✦ The Importance of Authority
✦ Reflection
Module 3: Integrity Based Negotiating
✦ Separate people from the problem
✦ Interests vs Positions
✦ Mutual Gain – growing the pie
✦ Objective criteria
✦ Reflection
Module 4: Bargaining & Closing
✦ Distributive and Integrative Bargaining
✦ Negotiation Tactics
✦ Making Concessions
✦ Agreement Finalisation
✦ Reflection
Module 5: Challenges
✦ Power in Negotiation
✦ Integrity - The Ethics Test
✦ Reflection
Module 6: Reflections
✦ Create an Action Plan
✦ Accountability = Action

✦ Understand different negotiation styles and when to apply them
✦ Understand the dominant negotiation strategies of competition and collaboration
✦ Apply the principles of BATNA and ZOPA when preparing to negotiate
✦ Apply the negotiation process and understand the basis of ‘principled’ negotiation
✦ Discover the difference between interests and positions
✦ Explore the concept of mutual gain
✦ Know how to bargain and close a negotiation
✦ Understand challenges in negotiation and how to overcome them
✦ Understand the principles of ethical negotiation